Maria Martinez-Uresti 
First time ordering here since I moved to this area I work in the food industry and customer service is very important to me, I was greeted by a staff member over the phone they took my order and were very friendly and sounded like they were happy to work there. I was pleased by the service I had during the call waited about 40-45 min for my food to arrive which is not a problem because I understand when a business is busy it's going to be a while and I would rather it take long for my food be done right than have them rush and my food arrive bad. When my delivery arrived I was greeted by the delivery guy who was also very friendly and not rude at all. When I ate my pizza it was delicious I ordered a banana pepper and cheese extra sauce well done, a lot of places don't get my pizza right but these guys nailed it! we also ordered cheese bread and a Hawaiian pizza everything was delicious and I will be ordering again soon!
Jennifer Herrmann 
Mike the delivery driver is absolutely the best! Excellent customer service Mike, you're awesome!!
Jennifer Peitz 
Fantastic banana pudding! Ask Marvin the owner about it. Great service and slices.
stephany Ross 
Love the rib tips and friendly service.
stephany Ross 
Love the rib tips and friendly service.
Sandra Mcpherson 
Love this place to eat great lunch specials and good service and attitudes at my local brand in walled lake, Michigan